Nature Based Raw Ingredients – Utilizing Innovation & Expertise to Make Sustainable Biobased Materials Affordable

The Cellulogyx Difference

Using Disruptive Technologies to Transform Value Chains & Make Sustainable Manufacturing Possible.

Cellulogyx is an innovative supplier of plant-derived fiber & cellulose; focused on developing and implementing next-gen processing technologies necessary to reduce cost and increase throughput across the value chain.

Companies across the globe have committed to significantly reducing the utilization of:

    • Petrochemical-Based Plastics
    • Wood Pulp
    • Hazardous Cement Ingredients
    • And other items in obvious opposition to net-zero ambitions.

Cellulogyx is committed to providing sustainable crop-based alternative raw ingredients at scale with the goal of reaching price parity with incumbent hazardous and/or non-compostable additives. Nature-based manufacturing raw ingredient solutions are the obvious answer – now, science and sourcing are the challenges we’re solving.

Advancing you on your path to Sustainability

Utilization of our plant-derived cellulose and bast fibers has a direct impact on ten (10) of the seventeen (17) UN Sustainable Development Goals

No Poverty

Reduction of Deforestation Directly Affecting Forest-Dependent Communities

Zero Hunger

Significant Source of Protein, Omega 3, Omega 6, Vitamin E, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Iron & Zinc


Improving Lives through Better and Healthier Solutions

Water Stewardship

Less Water Required During Farming & Processing

Clean Energy

Zero Fossil Fuel Utilization -100% Electric Processing

Decent Work

Human Rights & Ethical Practices Social Compliance Audits

Innovation & Infrastructure

Building Missing Infrastructure with Innovative Solutions

Waste Management

Can Be Recycled 5X More - Decreased Waste to Landfills & Oceans


One Acre of Production Replaces Fiber and Cellulose Produced From 4 Acres of Forestry.

Life on Land

Soil Remediation vs Soil Degradation - Little to No Pesticides, Herbicides, or Fungicides to Disrupt Biodiversity.

Where We Source

The most Abundant Polymer in the Natural World

The Cellulogyx Chronicles

Keep up with the latest updates on cellulose applications, national production analytics, SDGs, carbon credits, ESG reporting, and other global initiatives.