Dependability Value Chain + Technology

Value Chain Management

Scaled farming for plant-derived cellulose has been an ongoing hurdle and primary driver of cost. Contract-driven farm production mitigates risk for all value chain members and secures supply.

High-Tech Processing

Processing infrastructure has been one of the largest impediments to scaled farming practices. A complete disruption in ag processing practices has empowered maximum throughput while minimizing cost.

Supply Chain Management

Ensuring Continued Access to Sustainably Sourced Raw Ingredients.

In today’s SDG global initiatives, seed-to-shelf value chain management and transparent reporting is a required element to net-zero initiatives. Cellulogyx has redefined value and supply chain management to ensure the raw ingredients our customers depend on.

Cellulogyx Platform Management
Cellulogyx manages the entire supply chain from seed to processed raw material.

Disruptive Technologies & Ongoing Innovation

Scaling a new supply source to meet mature demand requires innovation

Genetic Development

Genetics are the beginning of everything and selection criteria create a trajectory with rippling effects throughout the entire value chain. Ongoing genetic breeding practices are also crucial in attaining critical mass.

Harvesting Technologies

With stronger fibers, resulting from higher tensile fiber, comes more challenging harvesting techniques; a challenge that requires innovation beyond most commonly-used practices in agriculture harvesting. These innovations exist but must be implemented.

Processing Technologies

Though conceptually ideal, repurposing old technologies and infrastructure for processing a globally demanded material creates supply bottlenecks from higher processing costs. Cellulogyx has redefined manual processing while concurrently maintaining practices free of the application of harsh chemicals that increase GHG emissions.

Application Analysis

In constant alignment with global UN SDG initiatives and in pursuit of net-zero emissions, Cellulogyx continues to look for new applications for fiber, cellulose, and nanocellulose to achieve net zero emissions.

The Cellulogyx Chronicles

Keep up with the latest updates on cellulose applications, national production analytics, SDGs, carbon credits, ESG reporting, and other global initiatives.